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Tehbotol Sosro

One of PT. SINAR SOSRO flagship products is Tehbotol Sosro packaged in returnable glass bottle (RGB). The glass-bottled Tehbotol Sosro is the first ready-to-drink tea in Indonesia and the world launched for the first time in 1974.
To meet demands of its enthusiasts anywhere, and out of its innovativeness, Tehbotol Sosro has several packaging variants by 2014:

  1. Returnable Glass Bottle with a volume of 220ml
  2. Tetra Pak in volume 200 ml, 250 ml, 330 ml dan 1 Liter
  3. Plastic Bottle PET 450ml
  4. Pouch with a volume of 150ml

For Tehbotol Sosro who want to reduce of sugar, can consume Tehbotol Sosro in variant Less Sugar . This product is available in PET package of 450ml and Tetra Pak of 250ml.
Tehbotol Sosro from jasmine tea (i.e., green tea mixed with jasmine flowers) and without any preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or artificial coloring.

Teh botol sosro


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